During its business operations, the company's corporate culture has evolved and undergone four stages: 

  • First, unconscious cultural accumulation.
  • Second, the summary and sublimation of culture.
  • Third, cultural identity and communication.
  • Fourth, cultural innovation and development.
Mission - build a world famous brand, and serve the country with industrial operations.
Spirit - harmony, modesty, practicality, innovation.
Values - integrity and law-abiding, performance-oriented, and continuous change.
Business philosophy - create value for customers, promote employee development, and fulfill our social responsibilities.
Goal - committed to building a world-class brand.
The company has a sound legal person system and management system, and has completed the transition from a manufacturing enterprise to “an industrial information-based enterprise”.
All work is carried out in an orderly manner under the management standards and system processes;
The company adopts a functional organization for management;
Daily management is implemented in the form of a combination of centralization and decentralization;
As for the distribution system, the company has established a long-term distribution mechanism of “creating value, sharing the results and risks together”.
The company's board of directors and senior management are responsible for making strategic decisions and management decisions. According to the principle of efficiency priority and fairness and justice, the company adopts the decision-making method that combines individual decision-making with group decision-making;
The company’s production and operation management mainly solves the problems of “what is produced”, “how much to produce” and “how to produce”.
The company’s positioning principle is quality first, customer-oriented, and sales-based production.
The company uses a secondary development system for the product development and design, continuously develops high-tech products, and keeps improving product quality, shortening the development cycle, and reducing development costs;
As for the production operation system, the company will build the main framework of the production operation system that is most suitable for the production and operation of the company and can form the fixed assets of the company, with the fastest speed and the least investment.
As for team building, the company will build a high-quality and professional management team that agrees with our corporate culture, and has high synergy and innovation awareness, strong professional competence, advanced concepts and international vision, and can be adapted to sustainable development.
In the business process, the company always adheres to the principle of “quality first, customer-oriented, fair competition, harmonious win-win, integrity and law-abiding, and return to society, while dealing with customers, competitors, suppliers, dealers and the government, media, and society .